Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The ONE Lab has ended after a few fruitful and fun weeks of intensive lecture, discussion, and workshops. Participants included professionals and students from all over the world in diverse fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, fine arts, computation, biology, and genetics.

Participants used the tools and technologies of live sciences to understand the processes of biotechnology (including technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, and cloning), growing materials, grafting trees and plants, scripting and computational modeling for controlled growth at the Metropolitan Exchange Building in Downtown Brooklyn.

Seminar Schedule

Monday, July 18th
4:30PM – Introduction, Terreform ONE
5:30PM -- Amada Parkes, PhD bodegaalgae.com
6:30PM -- Vito Acconci acconci.com

Tuesday, July 18th
4:30PM -- Marni Horwitz alivestructures.com
5:30PM -- Martina Decker deckeryeadon.com
6:30PM -- Andrew Marchesin www.arup.com

Wednesday, July 20th
4:30PM -- Anna Dyson case.rpi.edu
5:30PM -- Christian Hubert christianhubert.com
6:30PM – Walter Meyer planetary one

Thursday, July 21th
4:30PM -- Kaja Kuehl youarethecity.com
5:30PM -- Dickson Despommier, PhD verticalfarm.com
6:30PM -- Marc Forens theverymany.com

Friday, July 22th
4:30PM – Ellen Jorgenson, PhD genspace.org
5:30PM – Mary Mattingly marymattingly.com
6:30PM – Conclusion and Drinks

Workshop Schedule

Monday, July 25
10AM-4PM - Soft Infrastructure Workshop

Tuesday, July 26
1PM-6PM - Synthetic Biology Workshop

Wednesday, July 27
10AM-4PM - Mycoform Workshop                                                                                                            
Thursday, July 28
10AM-4PM - Fab Tree Hab Workshop

Friday, July 29
10AM-4PM - Parametric Design Workshop

A letter from Jennifer:

"Maria + Mitch,

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for such a wonderful first week at ONELab.  I am so happy I decided to do this!  The curation of speakers has been exemplary, the pace (even with the heat) a prolific pleasure... like crawling around atop a freshly pressed Ernst Haeckel plate... a luscious, juicy ripe biosphere of masterful technique and at times, staggering beauty.  The thrill of absorbing as many impressions as possible while the ink is still steaming on the page.  Having taught myself, I am keenly aware of what it takes to pull together an entire week's worth of talks (and that assumes academic support & resources), and I am really just blown away at what you've put together for us.  While my first visit to the Metro to see what was occurring inside its walls was certainly eye opening, becoming part of it for even a few weeks is really intoxicating....

....I'm extremely grateful for the personal dedication and hard work you've all put into this, and recognize what a rare opportunity you and your speakers are providing us, because of your desire to disseminate your knowledge & skills for a greater good.  I look forward to doing the same with what I'm learning here....

Jennifer Wolfe"

Soft Infrastructure Workshop - July 25 

The Soft Infrastructure workshop instructed students on basic principals of design, planning, and building  phytoremediation systems and how they can be applied in constructed urban estuarine environments. Students planted several types of natural wetland plants in compact phtoremediation models and learned the techniques to measure the performance of  systems.

Building the cells for phytoremediation wetland testing.

Synthetic Biology WorkshopJuly 26

The workshop on Synthetic Biology  engaged students in the technical and scientific processes that enable the creation of living matter. Students were encouraged to envision how synthetic biology can transform and reshape our design processes.

Vacuum forming molds for mycelium growth in the Mycoform Workshop.

Mycoform Workshop - July 27

By combining fungal mycelia with organic substrates and carefully controlling their expansion within prefabricated molds, students grew structural materials. Participants were encouraged to think about the architecture that can emerge from this material, as well as its life cycle. 

Fab Tree Hab Workshop - July 28

The ONE Lab Biodesign on Fab Tree Hab taught participants basic principals in pleaching, grafting, and propagation of native trees to create structures for housing.

Parametric Design Workshop - July 29

The workshop on Parametric Design equipped participants with fundamental understanding of modeling from parametric data.  Students also learned applications for ecological design.

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