Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Lab Lecture Series

The first week of lectures were specially curated by the faculty to inspire limitless ideas for the design of the future city.  As we took our first site visit and collected observations of Brooklyn's Red Hook, the speakers opened up new realms of inquiry with their emerging practices.  The 2012 ONE Lab Future Cities Program lecture series opened with a talk by DJ Spooky.  The following days, the discussions continued with Alexander Felson, Bill Washabaugh, Janna Levin, Vito Acconci, Jason Vollen, and Kaja Kuehl.  After a week of intensive design studio meetings and actively engaging the topics presented, we closed the week with a deserved celebration at the closing of Terreform ONE's Design for the Real World REDUX at the White Box Gallery in NYC.

DJ Spooky on remixing city design

Alex Felson on urban reforestation and ecology

Bill Washabaugh on intersection of engineering, art and science

Janna Levin on the future of space-time maps

Vito Acconci on architectural practices for the future

Jason Vollen on future building integrated technologies

Kaja Kuehl on local strategies for phytoremediation

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